Goons of Balatroon Secured IDO Will Take Place on Poolz

Goons of Balatroon is a funny, wacky play-to-earn NFT universe featuring a card battle game where player factions fight each other for the control of Balatroon using Goon cards and earn GOB tokens for their valiant efforts.

The offered GameFi universe is being developed under the leadership of marketing and business development experts who are leading a team of Web 3.0 game developers and artists with dozens of years of combined experience and genuine interest in trading card games and esports.

Free-to-play and play-to-earn
  • NFT customization factory (ETH)
  • NFT staking and rewards UI (ETH)
  • Goon cards store (IMX)
  • Web-based P2E game (IMX)
  • IDO price – $0.05
  • Market cap – $295,000
  • Vesting  20% on TGE (four months vesting)
  • Token symbol – GOB

Goons of Balatroon’s secured IDO will take place on Poolz on August 30, 2022.

Goons of Balatroon offers a play-to-earn game that is focused on real players and not just investors

The goal is to bring a combined free-to-play-to-earn experience to a wide audience of dedicated gamers that are looking for a substitute for the well-known top card strategy game titles like Hearthstone that provide no ownership of assets and no real rewards for players.

Free-to-play games are convincingly dominating the scene and are projected to continue increasing in both revenue and market share for years to come.

  • Free-to-play-to-earn – F2P-friendly onboarding for new members facilitates a pathway to enhanced rewards via NFT upgrades that support the original collection. An NFT leasing mechanism provides players with an opportunity to earn at a fraction of an entry cost while enjoying good profit in the long term.
  • Circular DeFi economy – Creating a circular DeFi economy where every element is connected and supports the overall treasury-backed ecosystem long term, allowing the project to grow its user base, as well as continuously develop new gaming products beyond the genesis game.
  • Animation series  A professional production of seasonal full-episode animation series intended for streaming networks.
  • Brand development – Establishing partnerships with food, beverage, merchandise and toy brands as well as the music and entertainment industry.
A simple P2E model designed to generate income for all users

The play-to-earn rewards pool is the key driver of the game economy and so is assigned the largest distribution allocation of 262,500,000 tokens. The gaming rewards attract players to join the ecosystem and incentivize them to play an active role by playing the game, trading digital assets and participating in various gaming activities that support the economy.

Rewards from the pool will be distributed to the players through regular daily rewards, tournaments, special events and missions. These rewards are based on an autonomous system where the GOB team has no control over the distribution of tokens.

Rapid and mass adoption by investor countries and communities

GameFi has been the most in-demand crypto segment since spring 2021 and will continue to grow rapidly in 2022 as real projects deliver and empty promise projects fall off just as many ICOs did in 2018. This will increase investors’ confidence and attract long term vision money.

The number of active players has increased from tens of thousands to millions as of December 2021. The total growth of the market is just huge already and will grow together with the rapid adoption of blockchain technology.

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