Learn more about the NFT collection The Urge to Merge by Cryptathon

Cryptathon is a top Manchester based CryptoArtist exploring Life, Utopia and Passion through Pixels, Generative Art, Brushes & NFTs.

The Urge to Merge‘ is a collection of Limited Edition Glitch Art to commemorate the Ethereum Merge, with the NFTs minted on September 15th 2022, the historical day of the Merge. 

These NFTs feature our enigmatic friend Vitalik Buterin and were created on one of the first blocks the very day the main Ethereum Blockchain merged with the Beacon Chain to become a new Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

The collection is made up of three pieces, Vitalik Pre-Merge, Vitalik The Merge & Vitalik Post-Merge.

Vitalik Pre-Merge

Vitalik Pre-Merge NFT from The Urge to Merge

Vitalik The Merge

Vitalik The Merge NFT from The Urge to Merge

Vitalik Post-Merge

Vitalik Post-Merge NFT form The Urge to Merge

Rooted in Ethereum history, The Urge to Merge depicts the themes of idea creation and change, with the Unique character Vitalik Buterin as the medium showing how just like blockchains, digital paint can be tried, manipulated, layered & tweaked.