Opensea Pro seeks to become the best NFT marketplace

OpenSea Pro, the newly launched NFT aggregator by OpenSea, has garnered a warm welcome from the NFT community as the company seeks to reclaim its market share by delivering a comprehensive solution for NFT enthusiasts. Boasting access to listings from over 170 NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea, and an array of potent tools and consolidated cross-market data, OpenSea Pro offers users a wider perspective on the NFT market, enabling them to make informed decisions when purchasing or selling their assets.

The success of OpenSea Pro can be traced back to various factors, such as an effortless user experience, the capability to explore and conduct transactions on multiple marketplaces, and a strong set of tools for NFT collectors and traders. These tools encompass analytics, market insights, and advanced search functionalities, permitting users to filter NFTs based on rarity, ownership, and price attributes.

As the NFT market expands, the positive response to OpenSea Pro highlights the platform’s potential to become a prominent player in the aggregator sector. In the fiercely competitive market for market share, platforms like OpenSea Pro must persistently innovate and provide unique features to distinguish themselves.

“We’re investing in really exciting features that make it easier for people to explore and purchase their first NFT and then really push the use cases forward for NFTs,” commented Devin Finzer, CEO of OpenSea.

In recent months, OpenSea has encountered tough competition from blockchain newcomer Blur. However, the recent launch of the ‘Pro’ version has endowed the platform with the versatility to rival this new generation of NFT marketplaces. OpenSea initially reduced its marketplace fees to 0% to lure Blur traders, but has since reinstated a 2.5% fee on the main platform following the debut of OpenSea Pro. The company intends to channel the revenue generated from fees into enhancing the NFT space, supplying tools and upgrades for traders and creators, and establishing new partnerships.